Candle Touch

Candle Touch 1.00

Light a candle on your mobile phone


  • Realistic flame effect
  • Well designed


  • Just one candle


Candle Touch simulates a lit candle on your phone, and makes a great romantic accessory for your device.

The animated flame provided by Candle Touch is very realistic and it responds in a life-like way when manipulated via the touch screen. Move the flame around too much and the light will go out, just like a real candle. It will then automatically reignite.

That's about all there is to Candle Touch. It's a shame there aren't more candles to choose from, or even different colored flames.

But if you get caught somewhere without real candles, Candle Touch makes for a handy high tech alternative.

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Candle Touch


Candle Touch 1.00

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